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Melbourne Wedding DJ - Peter

Peter is a connoisseur of Music & Fashion with strong connections through out Melbourne’s Entertainment Industry. Pete is a career actor & professional DJ whom enjoys combining his greatest, talent-demanding passions, to provide an exciting and energetic performance to crowds, whilst enjoying getting to know the people he meets along the way.


Growing up in the 80’s and listening along with his parents, to the greatest songs of the 60’s and 70’s, to now personally enjoying tropical house and hunting down the latest tracks coming out of Europe, the UK and Canada, Pete has gained time-tested exposure to a wide range of music genres that he enjoys sharing. From the Jersey Boys Soundtrack to the new G-House 2017, Pete knows it all and will adapt his favourite tracks depending on the mood and the best fit for the event.


Trained to provide the best customer service, Pete’s attention to detail and client communication pre, during and post events ensures that guests young and old have the greatest time. Pete prides himself on his ability to select & play the right music for any given function, with strong music knowledge across 80’s Rock, 90’s Rap, 2000’s Trance Era and 2005-Now Minimal House Tunes and is admittedly a massive fan of anything Top 40 too!