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Melbourne Wedding DJ - Mico


Mico is a professional wedding DJ from Calgary, Canada. For six years he has been providing premier entertainment for weddings, parties, and corporate events in the northern hemisphere. As the owner and operator of his own company back home, he has the experience and the skill set to exceed your expectations.


Learning the drums at age seven, Mico has been mastering music before his adolescence. He has an ear for the beat; rhythm in his DNA. Combining his drumming with his vast musical knowledge and database, it's no surprise that DJing was the next step in Mico's ambitions.


With experience, passion, and social awareness, Mico ensures that the dance floor stays packed, and the clients stay happy. He is a crowd pleaser who meets with guests, learns what they like, and adapts to the energy in the room. Mico has traveled thousands of miles to join us, improve his skills, and learn more about the art of DJing from the best that Melbourne has to offer.