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Absolutely 80s” stars perform all of their hits, plus covering classic 80’s tunes.

The Absolutely 80s show. doesn’t just focus on the hits of our bands singers , but mix it up with songs from a wide range of 80s artists from that era – therefore adding a broader appeal to the show, unlike some other original concepts acts out there that tend to be a 1 band show.

The qualified showmanship of these 80s stars makes for all round wide appeal entertainment.

In the 80s, each of these acts sold albums into the millions,Australia wide & internationally, and also held house attendance records at most venues.

The teenagers that were there then, are now today’s 30-50 somethings, looking for entertainment attractive to them and now currently enjoying the 80s revival.

Absolutely 80s show is currently on the Australian circuit doing shows all round the country from corporate, private functions to casinos & big beer barnes and the people just can’t get enuff !