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Soul Mystique - The world's slickest & most innovative dance magical costume transformation artists.

Witness the magical ancient Russian art of quick costume change illusions, coupled with show stopping, raw and authentic latin-american dancing.

Experience an astounding ride of colour, energy and magic, as Gavin and Lydia transform themselves and each other in seconds, right before your eyes.

Their magical costume transformations will take you from the rings of a Spanish bull-fight, to a Latin club in Miami, and over to a romantic scene of a James Bond film...just to name a few.

"An amazing and beautiful act!"

"Soul Mystique never fails to mystify, amaze, and entertain their audiences wherever they go"


Available shows:

Bond 007

Inspired by the danger, action, and romance of Hollywood's 007 Films – 'Bond' is a lightning paced adventure in which Gavin plays several action characters. Armed with his change mobile, his ability to perform lethal high-speed tuxedo changes is a wildly imaginative stunt in itself. With style and wit, he moves from the different Hollywood sets of Bond, Mission Impossible, to The Incredibles! Lydia's romantic feelings for this phenomenal man, complicates her involvement in this action adventure and she gives new meaning to the phrase 'Golden Girl'!

The Cube

'The Cube' was launched in 2004, and has played to great acclaim all over the world since. It is a mind-blowing journey of colour, energy, and magic in which Gavin and Lydia transform into bedazzling ballroom and Latin American couture. This show is pure class and features music and dance from the rings of a Spanish Bull Fight, a Samba, a cheeky Cuban Cha Cha, to an adrenalin charged Jive Boogie!

Dancing Doll

'Dancing Doll' is Soul Mystique's rendition of a twenty-first century fairy tale. Hold onto your seats as you are transported from their Toy Box, from out of space, to Cinderella's Venetian Masquerade Ball! You will not believe your eyes as you journey into a fantasy world of music and glamorous costume transformations.



Having captivated, mesmerized, and flabbergasted audiences all over the globe with their astounding Dance & Quick Change act - they are known today as, Soul Mystique - the world's slickest and most innovative magical dance transformation act.

They have been featured on global television from Australia, Germany, Japan, UK, France, and USA. Foxtel's Bio Channel placed them in 'The World's Top-10 Best Magic Acts'; and CNN's Business Traveller quoted them as 'simply extraordinary'. They never fail to mystify, amaze, and entertain their audiences wherever they go.

A partnership since 1996. They are also known as Gavin Skinner and Lydia Lim


The art of quick change costume transformation is a very specialised branch of magic that dates back as far as the 15th century.

Also known as proteanism, or meta-morphing – it is the art of changing costumes at lighting speed in front of an audience within seconds – leaving no trace of how, when, and where each set of clothes disappear each time. Due to it's rareness, complexity and lengthy time in preparation for a quick change show, it is one of the most exclusive and impressive illusion there is in theatre.
Today, traditional quick change is sporadically performed throughout the world. There are only a handful of artists who have dedicated themselves fully to this art, and very few who are internationally acclaimed performers. Those lucky enough to witness this magical illusion, will no doubt agree that it is a mesmerizing, fascinating, and mind-boggling spectacle.
In the history of international show business, Soul Mystique was the first couple ever to successfully merge the two artforms of Quick Change with Professional DanceSport.