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The Mood Merchants is a professional jazz band based in Melbourne, Australia

The band is available in a variety of lineups including trio, 4 piece band and Quintet which can be tailored to the needs of your event.

The group play for weddings, parties, concerts, corporate functions and promotions and can perform inside or outside, amplified or acoustic performing everything from roving street entertainment to late night party music, playing for the biggest events and the most intimate gatherings.


Line-Up Options

The Mood Merchants Quintet

Five great musicians playing slickly arranged jazz, soul and pop standards, featuring the wonderful vocals of Mary Louise Hatch. This versatile ensemble is perfect to accompany cocktails or dinner music with beautiful, intimate sounds, and then fill the dance floor with high-energy grooves later in the night. It’s perfect for weddings and corporate functions in medium-to-large venues, as well as concerts, fundraisers or any other event that requires truly exceptional live music.

The Mood Merchants Jazz Trio — swinging background music

This trio provides energy and verve to any event, without being overbearing. The trio has a two-piece rhythm section of bass and guitar, which makes it very compact, and gives good control over volume.


The Mood Merchants Jazz Trio — restaurant roving
This configuration specialises in entertainment for diners, or in other intimate situations. It is a mobile, fully acoustic band playing at low volume. The wonderful Ian Smith fronts the band on cornet and vocals, providing a warm, friendly interaction and an encyclopaedic knowledge of requests.

The Mood Merchants Jazz Trio — street roving
This trio specialises in energetic, interactive roving entertainment for events and promotions. It is fully acoustic and fully mobile, with a wide volume range: it can play loud enough to be heard in noisy outdoor situations, and quietly enough to play indoors or in more intimate environments. With a wide repertoire, great musicianship and excellent interactive skills, the group can engage people of all ages.