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Melbourne Hypnotist Kevin Grisé presents his world class comedy Stage Hypnosis Show - a sensational and an absolute extravaganza!!!

With a broad background spanning over 30 years as a Hypnotherapist, Actor & Model, and representative in the Medical Industry, Kevin's professionalism and dynamic style are apparent in all aspects of his Stage Hypnosis Show as The Hypnotist and also in his role as a Motivational Speaker providing motivational seminars to improve employee motivation.

The Hypnotist will teach you that there is nothing Magical or Mystical about Hypnosis. We are all in different forms of hypnosis every day. All hypnosis is Self Hypnosis!

At the same time, The Hypnotist provides an hilariously funny Stage Hypnosis Show, which is a real 'belly laugh'. The Hypnotist doesn't 'pick on' or 'humiliate' anyone. The Hypnotist invites "volunteers" up on the stage and makes them into the "stars of the show". Can you imagine how much fun it is, to see your fellow colleagues up on stage? ... the same people who might even appear at work to be quiet and shy, and there they are, thinking they are rock stars and super stars and racing car drivers etc!!!

The Hypnotist, Kevin Grisé is the 'director' and the volunteers from your organisation become the 'super stars' of the Stage Hypnosis Show. This creates camaraderie amongst the people up on stage and the people in the audience, which in turn relaxes and recharges your group of co-workers. The Stage Hypnosis Show is fascinating, safe, unbelievable and all in good tasteful fun!

As well as the Stage Hypnosis Show, The Hypnotist can also help motivate your employees with employee motivation training seminars.The Hypnotist's employee motivation training seminars use Self Hypnosis Skills and teach your employees how to be better workers, more motivated, stop smoking, be less stressful and so on.

The Hypnotist, Kevin Grisé's mission is to provide the very best in comedy entertainment, corporate entertainment and employee motivation training seminars. The Hypnotist offers motivational programs using Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking, Weight Loss, Personal Motivation and Power Selling.

The Hypnotist Kevin Grisé is an 'all round' performer and his Stage Hypnosis Show can be the highlight of any Corporate Function.

Perfect corporate entertainment for Corporate Events and Business Conventions.